About Us

Shreeji Blocks Pvt. Ltd. is a company founded by a very young set of promoters and is driven by the passion to offer next generation solution, which also contributes positively to the environment.

Duralite AAC promise to contribute in changing the future of industrial, commercial, residential development with its determination and skills. With our commitment to research and development, we have helped transform this unique and versatile product into modern building systems we have today.

With the state of the art technology and single minded vision to excel in construction industry we have created a brand called “DURALITE – Durable and Light in weight”

Sustainability is now a priority that touches almost every aspect of our lives. We at Shreeji manufacture Duralite AAC blocks using pulverized fuel ash (PFA), a by-product from thermal power plant and it is for this reason our products are considered as environmentally friendly. This gives our company a strong platform to build a viable and long-term strategy for the future that covers all the aspects of sustainable issues in a broader sense.

Duralite offers a system which helps to make the building process faster and safer. No matter what the project is be it be warehouse, cold storage, hospitality, production, educational institution, multiplex, individual residence or residential complex, Duralite AAC is the best solution available in the market today.

Since our blocks are manufactured under controlled and planned conditions, this allows the user to work efficiently at the construction site. The use of AAC blocks results in less manpower, less debris generated during the construction and accelerated schedule. Duralite AAC’s reliability makes projects run simply and efficiently from conception through construction, translating into quality and time saving.

Our Vision :

"To offer an improved masonry building solution"

Our Mission :

"To be the leading Autoclaved Aerated Concrete producer in India with commitment to offering a complete system with commitment to offering a complete system with backed up by skilled technical support and excellent customer service"

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