Welcome to Duralite

Shreeji Blocks Pvt. Ltd. is a company founded by a very young set of promoters and is driven by the passion to offer next generation solution, which also contributes positively to the environment.

Duralite AAC promise to contribute in changing the future of industrial, commercial, residential development with its determination and skills. With our commitment to research and development, we have helped transform this unique and versatile product into modern building systems we have today.

With the state of the art technology and single minded vision to excel in construction industry we have created a brand called “DURALITE – Durable and Light in weight”

Sustainability is now a priority that touches almost every aspect of our lives. We at Shreeji manufacture Duralite AAC blocks using pulverized fuel ash (PFA), a by-product from thermal power plant and it is for this reason our products are considered as environmentally friendly. This gives our company a strong platform to build a viable and long-term strategy for the future that covers all the aspects of sustainable issues in a broader sense.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is an environmentally friendly building material that is used to save energy and enhance the quality of the built environment. AAC’s high R-values contribute directly to the goals that encourages the environmental pursuits.
Benefits & features of duralite blocks

Fire Resistance

AAC has one of the highest hourly fire-resistance ratings per inch of any building material. AAC is non-combustible – it will not burn. AAC units offer excellent fire protection for fire-rated walls. AAC is not only versatile structurally but its fire resistance properties are outstanding.

Energy Efficient

Duralite AAC Blocks give superior thermal insulation because of low thermal conductivity and low air infiltration. Moreover.Lesser joints and better compacted jointing mortar add to the sound and thermal efficiency.

Water & Earthquake Resistant
The impact of earthquake forced on a structure is proportional to the weight of the structure. Hence, DURALITE AAC provides excellent resistance to earthquake forces.

Long Lasting

AAC does not rot or deteriorate over time. Structures built with AAC Product have a long life and retain good finish even after decades. Although actual life of AAC products depends on various factors, as per various standards institutes.

Acoustically Absorbent

Duralite AAC Blocks provide excellent sound absorbent with a sound Trasmission class rating off 44. It is a sellular structure which provides superior sound insulation.

Environment Friendly

Ash disposal is a major problem for coal based power plant. Fly ash generated from such plants is used for manufacturing AAC blocks. Moreover AAC manufacturing process require les energy. Has very low emission and does not generate any waste products.

Pest Resistent

Duralite AAC are made up of inorganic materials, which does not get disintegrated, is not susceptible to external influences and keeps termites away avoiding damages and losses.

Easy To Use

Duralite blocks can be easily cut, drilled and grooved with manual or power tools. This provides higher productivity in electrical and plumbing installations.


Duralite AAC blocks have an attractive appearance and is readily Adaptable to any style of architecture. Almost any type of desighn Can be achived with AAC.